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Can you keep your firefly alive?
Will it flourish into a frenzy of light and colour.

Our Fireflies are wearable, hackable and quite social.

These playful Fireflies flow through various light sequences based on human contact and socialization patterns while engaging their audiences into discussion and exchange. From a vantage point the keepers of the fireflies will paint an array of light, data and human interaction into a new space.

What to Expect

Well we don't want to spoil the fun of the experience but here are a few pointers to help you get started. 

icon Shake Firefly

Shake your Firefly to wake it up.

icon Person

Seek out other people with Fireflies.

icon Firefly Group

Bio sync with groups of Fireflies.

Hackable and Open

The Firefly has a heart of Arduino making it easy to reprogram.

The Firefly project software and hardware will soon be released to the Open Source communities. We want others will have as much fun as we've had on the the project while contributing to the next generation of Fireflies.

Green, Recyclable and Reusable

We have taken efforts to keep this project green and friendly for the environment. The Firefly pendants at Lead Free (PB Free) and many of the parts used have recycled materials in them and we use rechargeable batteries for our installations.

We also encourage those who have received a pendant as part of an installation and don't wish to repurpose it, to return the firefly to us and we will reuse it in another installation.

Stay up to date, perhaps even commission an installation

Right now you can't buy a Firefly but we are collecting names of those who would to stay up to date and be notified when and if Fireflies will be available for purchase.

We are currently working on the next generation of Fireflies and will be posting information soon.

If your are interested in commissioning an installation for your gallery or event please contact us at

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The Artists

Darcy Whyte

Darcy Whyte is a software designer-developer who is exploring electrical and kinetic sculpture.

Michael Grant

Is a maker, a product designer and a mechatronic engineer.

Mark Stephenson

Mark is an artist, a graphic designer and a maker of things.